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In the dynamic landscape of demolition and renovation projects in Australia, the choice of freelance services can significantly influence the outcome of your endeavors. Our freelance professionals stand as unparalleled partners, offering a host of distinct advantages that set us apart from the rest.

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Expert Team

Ongoing training programs to keep the team updated on the latest asbestos removal techniques, safety protocols, and industry regulations.

Comprehensive Assessment

Thorough site assessments to identify and assess the extent of asbestos-containing materials, considering factors like location, condition, and potential risks.

Safety Compliance

Strict adherence to local, state, and federal regulations governing asbestos removal to ensure legal compliance.

Advanced Technology and Equipment

Utilisation of specialised equipment designed for the safe and precise removal of asbestos-containing materials.

Clear Communication

Open and transparent communication with clients throughout the asbestos removal process, including project timelines, potential challenges, and progress updates.

Quality Assurance

Conducting thorough post-removal inspections to verify that all asbestos-containing materials have been safely and completely removed.

Clients Love


Demofi Group exceeded our expectations for the asbestos removal job. Their professionalism and expertise were evident from the detailed assessment to the final inspection. They kept us informed at every stage, and we highly recommend them for their top-notch service and commitment to safety.

Sarah M Commercial Property Owner

Demofi Group's professionalism and attention to detail set them apart. Their customized solution and commitment to safety were impressive. We are grateful for their quality service and wouldn't hesitate to engage them for future projects.

Michael Ton Facility Manager

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